How Do You Get 0 To 10k Followers On Instagram ?

Get 10k Followers On Instagram:- It is the dream of over 80% of Instagram users with few followers to have a bigger following and reach the monetizing status like most celebrities and influencers. However, having many followers requires a lot of effort, and it may take time to see the results.

There is a huge number of active Instagram users, which means if everyone follows, you could have over 1 billion followers. But unfortunately, this will not happen as fast as you want. You have to be patient and make lots of effort.

Mostly, monetization and recognition are some reasons Instagrammers crave so much to make their way to 10k followers. This is not an easy task to achieve.

There are celebrities who have grown and gained a million followers, but that is not the case when you are not a celebrity because not everybody will become a TV star.

There are ways you can grow the account to get 10k followers. You only need to understand which one works best for you.

How Do You Get 0 To 10k Followers On Instagram
How Do You Get 0 To 10k Followers On Instagram

Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account to 10k

1. Make Your Profile Optimized

Ensure that every aspect of your Instagram is clear and approachable. It should easily direct a visitor to your page to know if you deserve their following.

Your goals should be:

  • Be clear on what your account is all about at first glimpse.
  • Make it clear on ways people can contact you.

More often, users tend to focus more on the look and feel of their feeds than their profiles. This is especially the photo, name, and bio. Ensure that you have chosen a high-quality and attractive photo.

You can decide whether you want to use a photo of yourself or a logo as your profile picture logo is the best for brands and groups which have more than one personality behind them

  • Make sure your logos have high contrast and a high resolution so that they can be easily read in a small circle.
  • Profiles are needed when dealing with one main character or personality behind an account.
  • Ensure your profile photo has a head, shoulders, and a neutral background.

Make sure that the description on the Instagram bio matters

  • Avoid repeating your name line.
  • Include a vibrant call to action.
  • • Format with emojis, line breaks, and spacers to avoid a wall of words.

• Comprise a tractable link so people can reach you.

After you have captured your audience’s attention, you need to seal the deal with content that will keep them glued to your page.

2. Plan Content that Will Be Appealing To Your Followers

You need to ask yourself this question, why should anybody follow me? People will follow a certain person because of specific reasons.

People follow fitness trainers with the hope of getting some help with the weight loss journey, they follow a friend to know how they are doing or coping with life, and they follow TV stars because of their lifestyles.

You need to plan on what content you need to focus on. Here are some tips to help plan your Instagram content to reach 10k followers.

  • Isolate five subjects you are qualified and zealous to talk about.
  • Arrange your selected subjects in different ways continuously throughout your content.
  • Do an ash tag and keyword research to know what your audience is frequently searching and wanting to know more about related to your subjects.
  • Address the keywords you found on your next posts and captions.

Get something that is not time-consuming but, at the same time, interesting enough to keep people glued to your page. You must ensure that you are consistent in whatever you do or post.

  • Choose one interesting topic, for example, jokes or recipes.
  • Ad something special that will make you outstanding.

Make sure you schedule and create a content plan well in advance. This allows you to plan well-relevant content and shoot quality images to grace your page to make your new audiences fascinated when they come across your posts.

3. Intentionally Design Your Instagram Feed

As much as your Instagram profile plays an important role, it is also true that your feed will also bring a big impact.

When you scroll through Instagram, single photos follow one after the other. This is not the case when you visit a profile because you see the latest posts stacked together.

The more attractive each image looks with the other, the more likely your audience will be impressed with your page.

This is how you will make this happen:

  • Learn how to make first-class photo quality and composition in your Instagram feed photos.
  • Choose a set of filters that you want to use from the current trend.
  • Make a collection of easily accessible photos and graphics on your phone so that you readily access them when planning for content.
  • • Plan and arrange the look of your feed and take note of how each photo looks individually and as a collection.

Designing your feed correctly is one of the great ways to get you to your target of 10k followers.

3. Create A Content Schedule

How you schedule your content is crucial in your journey to 10k Instagram followers. Once you have done all the impressive things, you need to create a connection with your followers and keep them cemented on your page.

Scheduling your posts gives you a chance to stay ahead of the game. There are things you need to know to create a schedule that will build your engagement and help you get many followers. They include:

  • Decide how often you want to post, considering the time you want to be engaged on your page but ensure you post at least once per day.
  • Ensure you schedule your posts at times when your audience is more active on Instagram.
  • Create even better hashtags to help your researchers get to you easily.
  • This makes it easy for people to get to you easily and follow you to get to your journey to 10k followers.


A 10k follower account on Instagram is one of the best achievements that you have achieved. This is because such an achievement comes with tangible benefits.

This may include Instagram making it easier for you to get people to your page via stories. This can also make it easier for you to advertise your business and clinch lots of sales.

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