How to Get More Views on Instagram Reels 2023

Currently, the best way to grow your Instagram following is through reels. This Instagram feature has more tools to edit your photo and is highly sharable; hence everyone is running for it intending to hit a five-figure following.

But, have you used it, and you think that you are not using it to its full potential? You can use many ways to increase your views on your Instagram. However, you may not use all the methods at once.

It’s essential to try several and stick to those that work better for you. Here are ways to increase views on Instagram reels.

How to Get More Views on Instagram Reels

Why More Views on Reels?

If you are new on Instagram, you may wonder why you need more views on the shared reels. You are not only doing this for fun but also have several other benefits. Here are some.

1. Brand Trust

People buy goods and services from the brands they trust. When you have more viewers on your reels, they are also most likely to comment on your reel. This earns your business trust among people.

2. More Followers

When your reel gets viral, many people will see it and wish to see more of such reels often. The easiest way to get to see your reels is by following you, and creating a good reel gives you more chances of attracting more followers.

3. More Comments and Likes

When you share a reel, you would love to see many likes and comments from real people. Reels attract more comments and like than photos and posts; the more viewers, the more engagement.

Ways to Get More Views on Instagram Reels

1. Use Trending Sounds

As people watch your video, they want to listen to trending, beautiful sounds. You may post a nice video, but its sound can discourage the viewers from watching it, so ensure you use trending sounds on your reels.

Facebook algorithm records the most used sound and posts into users’ feeds. So if you have also used the sound, your reels will be among those posted into the users’ feed; hence you can get more viewers and followers.

2. Hashtags Are Your Reel’s SEO

Being searchable on the internet is one of the major steps you can take in your Instagram and hashtags are a gateway into this. But you must understand that not all hashtags will give you this advantage.

Use the right hashtags that will reach the right audience.

The Instagram algorithm will take note of the hashtags you use and make them available and searchable to the targeted audience. So, if you have used the wrong hashtags, it means you will also reach the wrong audience.

3. Post Consistently

You shouldn’t post only once and get lost. You should not also post after a week or so. It’s crucial to be consistent with your reels to show your audience that you are active and they can rely on you. Share on Instagram reels daily to earn more views and followers.

But you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for quantity; both should go hand in hand, so take time and produce quality reels if you want to be relevant.

The good thing is that there are Instagram tools that allow you to schedule your posts, so if you think you can’t get time to create reels every day, use that one day you are available and create reels for the days you won’t be available then schedule when they will be shared.

4. Stick to Your Niche

Your Instagram account should be on a certain niche. When creating reels, you should stick to your Instagram theme. If you are just starting, you can try different posts and see which attracts people the most.

Post each topic more than once and choose a topic according to the engagement. Ensure you are clear on your topic and elaborate on that in your bio to make it easy for people to know what you deal with.

3. Create Short Reels

Research shows that people concentrate within 8-10 seconds of a video. If you create a reel longer than 10 seconds, people will likely be disinterested and not continue watching.

Don’t forget to put a catchy and interesting hook to make people more curious to watch the video.

You may think of starting with a catchy beginning and leaving people in suspense for the first 1o minutes to encourage them to continue watching, but if people don’t go beyond the 10 minutes mark, you will not have met your objectives.

Creating short, quality reels will earn you more reviews.

6. Create a Captivating Thumbnail

According to the thumbnail you’ve attached, people will want to watch your reels or ignore them. They will watch it if it’s captivating, but if it’s not, they will leave it.

The thumbnail will urge viewers to watch the reels so ensure you are creative while creating one.

If you are on YouTube, you first go through the thumbnails to choose which video to watch since they are many. This is the same case with reels.

Someone will skim through the videos only to choose the one that attracts their attention.

7. Correct Timing

Don’t just post your reels any time you feel like posting. You are posting for reviews, likes, and comments, so you have to post when there are people to do that. Learn when your followers are most active and post that time.

This could be mostly in the evening after work and early hours of the night. If you have a business account, you can know when your followers are online using its insights feature app.

On the insights feature, click on the total followers to access all data concerning your followers’ activities analysis and most active times. This will increase the chances of more people viewing your reels.

8. Embed Your Reels to Your Site.

Attach your reels to your website to ensure you cover a wide area of viewers. When you attach your video to your website, even people not on Instagram will see your video, increasing viewership and following.

And embedding reels to WordPress is simple using Instagram Feed pro. It helps you to automatically create personalized reels that look different on different screen sizes of the viewers. This is a great way of taking your reels to the world.

9. Analyze reels’ performance

As you continually use reels, you must measure their performance to see whether you are making any progress. Don’t just post and leave without following up on every reel to see how it performed.

The good thing is that it’s easy to know how your reels are performing since you will see the likes, views, and comments from people.

However, if you are in business, you need to know much more than that. You need to know how the reels influence your business to see whether they are worth your time.

There are online tools you can use to analyze their performance. This is essential in a business setting since you will know whether you are investing in the right marketing tool.

If the reels are performing well, you need to major in the methods that are increasing views on your reels and invest more time in those methods.

Even as you see more views, you need to see sales increase and more calls from new people asking to do business with you. Are people commenting on your reels? Comments will help you know how people feel about your reel.

What they like and don’t like. You can encourage people to comment by posing a question in the comment section and engaging those who comment.

10. Take quality videos

The quality of the video is crucial. You must take your videos in a well-lit room and ensure that the video you are taking is clear and good. If you are serious about your reels, you must invest in a quality camera.

Your phone’s camera might not be enough, so take a step and get a good camera. Your recordings must also be clear.

Avoid background noise by all means; the good thing is that Instagram reels have tools to help you avoid such noise. Several apps will solve this problem for you, and some are free to find out the best.

Reasons your reels are not meeting your expectations

If you have tried all the methods but are still not reaching your target, you must be doing something wrong. Some of the reasons include the following:

  • You are now on Instagram and don’t have a good following.
  • It could be your reels are of poor quality.
  • You are not using the Instagram tools well when creating your reels.
  • You are not consistent in sharing reels.
  • Your hook is not captivating, or you do not include hooks in your reel.

You must use these methods correctly if you have to see positive changes. You should also work hard and be patient to wait for results, and you will reach your target.

Final Thoughts

Getting more views on Instagram reels is possible if you use the right method. And some of these methods are simple to use but can be very impactful to your business or Instagram personal account.

Concentrate on what works for you and perfect it for better results.

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